Become a Positive Force in Your Community

Running youth basketball camps for over 10+ years have been very fulfilling! It’s allowed me to do the following:

Player Skill Development … Fundamentals are the core and foundational skills of all great basketball players. As a camp director, you will be exposed to the 5 fundamental areas (ball handling, shooting, offensive moves, defense & inside play), which are emphasized, taught and drilled. After a camper goes through a series of your camps, I guarantee he/she will be significantly better!

Teach Life Lessons … Truth be told, this is the real reason I coach. My mission in life is to play a part in the development of our youth to make this world a better place. If you want to have a long-lasting impact on our youth, the use of our basketball camp structure will help you. Every session has a “quote of the day”, which is interpreted and discussed. This is “often” the camper’s parents’ favorite part.

Instill Positive Discipline … As a camp director, you’re actually doing the campers a favor by holding them accountable. By mandating campers pay attention when an adult is speaking, demand teamwork/sportsmanship and being orderly, you are helping the campers well beyond basketball, but also in life. These tenants are embedded in our camp culture.

If you would like having the same influence and run successful basketball camps at your school or within your community, go ahead and schedule a quick 15-minute discovery call with Coach Berry.