AAU basketball alternative

Is your kid in 8th, 9th or 10th grade, and you’re looking to keep him/her basketball active?

You’ve heard about the potential benefits (of AAU basketball). But you’ve also heard about the drawbacks, and you’re questioning whether this is a good fit.

Guess what, Youth Hoops has the perfect alternative to AAU basketball!

It’s our Advanced Skill Development & Scrimmaging basketball camp. In this advanced camp, the pacing, skill development drills and competition will be intense. It will have a basketball bootcamp feel.

During the 75-minutes of hard-hitting action, the following will occur:

  • Warm-up & conditioning (10 min)
  • Advanced skill development (30 min)
  • Full court scrimmaging (30 min)
  • Cool down & stretching (5 min)

The Advanced Skill Development & Scrimmaging basketball camp is a great AAU basketball alternative.

You have no worries about long travel, excessive fees and potential, less-then-ideal coaching. The advanced camp focuses on skill development and floor playing time (which are most important for break-thru improvement).

Please note, spaces are extremely limited. Register now!

Coach John Berry
Youth Hoops Basketball Camps

P.S. The Advanced Skill Development & Scrimmaging basketball camp is great for anyone with aspirations of playing in high school!