One consequential day

It was mid-morning on February 3rd, 2007. My flight had just returned from Tokyo, Japan.  I was a little jet-lagged, but excited to be back. After gathering my luggage from baggage claim at the airport, I hustled to my car to drive home.

Once home, my family and I are excited to see each other. Hugs and kisses galore! As things settle down, my wife (Erica) says “I’m taking the kids to a summer camp fair at University Mall in downtown Chapel Hill.” Being considerate, she didn’t expect me to want to go after a 16-hour flight from Tokyo. But given the excitement of seeing my family, and adrenaline, I replied, “Erica, I’m going! We can all hang out as a family today!”

About 45 minutes later, we drive to University Mall. Once there, Erica points out this great academic, up-and-coming charter school, named Woods Charter School (WCS). We visit their booth to discuss the possibilities of my oldest daughter (Lena) attending their school. While discussing Lena, I learned they also were looking for a varsity boys’ basketball coach.

Over the next 30 days, Lena was admitted and I was named the head varsity basketball coach at WCS! Academically, WCS has thoroughly prepared my daughters, as they both are thriving. Basketball-wise, WCS is where my basketball-coaching career in North Carolina originated.

At the same summer camp fair, we saw the Bouncing Bulldogs (BB) jump rope team. As we approached them, one of their coaches invited Lena to jump. She did, and loved it! Later, during the summer, Lena participated in their summer camp. 6 months after that, she was accepted onto the team. A few years later, my youngest daughter (Sophia), also joined.

For my entire family, the BB has been a transformative force! For my daughters, it’s allowed them to meet new friends, travel the world, learn valuable life lessons, compete on a global scale and mature nicely as young adults! For me personally, the BB executive leadership planted the seeds to form Youth Hoops Basketball Camps, and to write the book, entitled “Life & Basketball”. My family is eternally grateful to the BB organization!

Everything discussed in this article originated on February 3rd, 2007, my consequential day. Funny thing is, all of this was a coincidence. Had I stayed home (as I usually do after a long trip), it’s highly likely none of this happens! My kids wouldn’t have attended Woods Charter School. I don’t become WCS varsity basketball coach. My kids wouldn’t have joined the Bouncing Bulldogs. Youth Hoops Basketball Camps never gets founded. And maybe, I don’t write my first book. Wow!

What should this mean to us? Each day (regardless of your current state), be open to new ideas, new opportunities and new connections. You never know, on any given day, it could be your consequential day!

About the author 

Coach Berry

John Berry (a.k.a. Coach Berry) has been a basketball coach and skill development trainer since 1993 and has coached hundreds of games and instructed 1,000’s of kids. Coach Berry is, and always has been committed to helping youth in life and on the basketball court.