If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life.

– Marcus Garvey

Should your kid be more confident in him/herself? Continually, I’ve witnessed confidence issues with kids. Symptoms of these issues are as follows: contentious parental and sibling relationships, academic issues, negative self-talk or social ineptness.

In my life (in many seasons), I’ve experienced confidence issues. One such time was in 1992. I started my first full-time job in Cupertino, California at Hewlett-Packard as a software development engineer. At the time, I was very excited, but very unsure of myself. As a result, I was useless for the first 6 months. It wasn’t until Craig Fairchild (my first professional mentor) helped me overcome the job obstacles at hand. Once this happened, I began to blossom.

This taught me a valuable lesson. Without confidence, you’re no good to yourself or anyone else. I emphasize to parents (all the time) to guard their kid’s confidence like they’re guarding a vault.

One of the best ways to protect your kid’s confidence is to teach him/her self-leadership.

By self-leadership, I’m referring to the following:

  • Valuing themselves and others
  • Having a positive self-image
  • Showing compassion to others
  • Persevering in the midst of adversity
  • Creating a daily routine for success

Encourage your kid to apply these self-leadership principles! It could make all the difference in the world.

About the author 

Coach Berry

John Berry (a.k.a. Coach Berry) has been a basketball coach and skill development trainer since 1993 and has coached hundreds of games and instructed 1,000’s of kids. Coach Berry is, and always has been committed to helping youth in life and on the basketball court.