The dreaded husband playgroup

Last week, my wife scheduled an outing with her girlfriends, and she summoned me to go. Being honest, I wasn’t overly thrilled about this. My wife quickly informed me that her girlfriend’s husbands would be there, and we could all hang out.

It’ll be the dreaded husband playgroup!

A husband playgroup is when a bunch of husbands are force-fed together to play, speak and be nice to each other.

I must say, to my surprise, I met some really cool people. And afterwards, I was elated my wife dragged me “kicking and screaming”!

Many times, because we are unfamiliar, or don’t see value in something, we dismiss that “thing” without really thinking about it.

Be more open to new things, which seems to be outside your comfort zone. Sometimes those new things are a waste of time. But often, the experience(s) could add significant value to your life.

About the author 

Coach Berry

John Berry (a.k.a. Coach Berry) has been a basketball coach and skill development trainer since 1993 and has coached hundreds of games and instructed 1,000’s of kids. Coach Berry is, and always has been committed to helping youth in life and on the basketball court.